Pro Cane Junior with meat, fish and rice

Complete food for puppy and young dogs

with meat, fish and rice

Pro Junior is a complete and precisely balanced food for puppies (from weaning at 6 weeks of age) and young dogs (up to one year of age).

To minimise the risk of intolerances that may arise from the feeding of single protein sources, Pro Junior has been carefully formulated to provide multi-source proteins that promote gentle digestion, from both meat and vegetable sources (fish, chicken, lamb, turkey, beef, potato protein, maize gluten, soya bean seeds and yeast).
A careful balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils is fulfilled by the incorporation of whole flaxseed (Omega 3), soya bean and fish meal (Omega 6).
Optimal vitamin and mineral supplementation has been carefully targeted at this important growth stage.

Feeding instructions

This food is formulated for feeding dry, with plenty of fresh clean water provided separately.

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