Special recipe

For your sterilized cat

Kekè Sterilizzati Ricetta Leggera

Complete feed

for adult sterilised cats.

Kekè Light Recipe has been formulated specifically for sterilised cats of all breeds that are prone to weight gain.

This special recipe has added methionine to help acidify the urine for optimum urinary health, along with carefully selected fibre to reduce calorie content, and carnitine to aid metabolism and avoid weight gain whilst promoting lean muscle maintenance. Kekè Light Recipe supplies nutrients of high biological value, and is highly digestible. The tasty kibbles, with chicken and fish, are crunchy, crumbly and easy to chew, with top palatability.
This diet is also recommended for more senior cats, due to the high content of antioxidant elements, minerals (zinc), vitamin E and Vitamin C.


Feeding instructions

Can be served dry, straight from the pack. Always allow access to clean, fresh water.

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