Balanced soup

for a period of moderate activity

Doghy Mix

Complete food for dog

DOGHY MIX “The Rich Recipe” is a complete, balanced food containing a variety of ingredients with no added salt that is perfect for all dog breeds.

It can be served dry or moistened with tepid water to create a ‘soup’. By serving it with added water the dog needs to drink less than when given dry food alone. DOGHY MIX contains high-quality and select ingredients including meat, fish, puffed cereals (rice, corn and wheat), vegetables (peas) and yeast. It is formulated to provide the perfect balance of energy, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. The balanced fibre sources can be digested at an optimum rate to help maintain the efficiency of the epithelial cells and to aid the proper functioning of the digestive system. Please follow the daily recommended servings to keep your four-legged friend at the ideal weight.

Feeding instructions

Can be served dry or mixed with liquid (preferibly tiepid). Remember to leave plenty of fresh water available in a separate dish.

Calculate the recommended daily intake

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