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Byrba Fresh Primi Days

Complete food

for the fast weaning of puppies

Byrba Fresh Primi Days – Junior Mini is a complete food formulated for:
– the weaning of small sized puppies from 20 days of life up to 12 months

– the fast weaning of medium and large sized puppies from 20 days up to maximum 4 months. Byrba Fresh Primi Days is formulated to provide puppies with proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and fatty acids for the puppy’s growth. This products is indispensable when the mother’s milk is not sufficient for satisfying the puppy’s nutritional needs (e.g. large litter, debilitated mother or with mastitis, early removal of puppy from the mother).

Feeding instructions

This food is formulated for feeding dry, with plenty of fresh clean water provided separately.

Recommended daily intake

The quantity should be divided into two meals. Remember to leave plenty of fresh water available
Toy from 5,0% (3° month) to 4,0% (4° month) to 3,4% (5-12 months)
Small from 4,5% (3° month) to 3,5% (4° month) to 2,8% (5-12 months)
Medium from 4,0% (3° month) to 3,0% (4° month)
Medium-Large from 3,6% (3° month) to 2,6% (4° month)
Large from 3,2% (3° month) to 2,2% (4° month)
Giant (>60 kg) from 3,0% (3° month) to 2,0% (4° month)