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Crancy fresh DentalBites

Complementary food

for dogs

Fresh Dental Bites is a functional snack for dogs. Formulated with zeolite, which can help absorb some components of bad breath, along with vitamin C and concentrated raw fibre which can have a beneficial effect on oral hygiene, helping to maintain your friend’s fresh breath. The compact structure, together with the mineral content of this treat, helps reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar, and helps maintain clean teeth. Containing zinc and blueberries.

Feeding instructions

can be given at any time during the day. Always allow access to fresh clean water. Keep in a cool, dry place.

Recommended daily intake

Small max (4 bites)
Medium max (8 bites)
Large max (15 bites)
Giant max (20 bites)

Divide the guideline feeding quantity into several servings per day. It is recommended not to exceed the indicated quantity, as this could compromise the balanced daily ration supplied from other foods. Always leave the dog a bowl of fresh, clean water. Fresh Dental Bites cannot replace a complete food for your dog.