Food is the equilbrium

necessary for wellbeing



Diet is fundamental for our four-legged friends.  It ensures correct nourishment for cats and dogs, meaning they can grow and develop in the healthiest way, providing them with the essential foundations for a healthy life.

Our philosophy is “prevention is better than cure”, and for this reason our products contain all the nutrients needed to provide our animal friends with the best nutrition.
As with humans, the diets of dogs and cats require a careful equilibrium between the various elements and nutrients.

Fats and oils: daily energy

Running, jumping, playing: the lives of our four-legged friends demand a lot of energy. This is where the correct balance of fats is important: they provide an important proportion of the required calorie intake, needed to confront the day ahead with vigour.
Not only are fats important for metabolic function, but also structurally. Fats have an integral role in promoting healthy cell function, protecting body organs against shock and trauma, maintaining body temperature, and sustaining healthy skin and hair.
Among the most important fats are the essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 and omega 6, as these cannot be produced by the animal’s body. These essential fatty acids are fundamental in the production of hormone-like substances and anti-inflammatory agents, and are crucial for cell health and functionality, along with enhancing the efficiency of the nervous system.


Let’s look at an example together

Sushi is a sweet and very affectionate cat.
He likes to relax at home in front of the fire.
Sushi is 6 years old (adult), sterilised,
and weighs 10kg (overweight).

Giuntini would recommend Pro Sterilised Cat for Sushi
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Let’s look at an example together

Byron is an active and very playful dog.
He likes to run in the park and play Frisbee.
Byron is 4 years old (adult) and
weighs 30kg (the average weight for his breed).

Giuntini would recommend Pro Lamb and Rice for Byron.
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